Mukhyamantri Nidan Yojana in Gujarat (Free Health Checkup )

Mukhyamantri Nidan Yojana in Gujarat (Free Health Checkup )

The state of Gujarat has been suffering for lack of proper medical facilities. The government hospitals were not up to the mark while the private health care institutes were too expensive for the common people. To improve the current situation, the state government has implemented the Mukhya Mantri Nidan Yojana in Gujarat. Through this welfare scheme, the common people will be able to get the benefits of acquiring pathological tests, free of cost.

Name Mukhya Mantri Nidan Yojana in Gujarat
Launched Date April, 2016
Launched By Anandiben Patel
Declaration Day “World Heath Day”
Supervised By Health & Family Welfare Department

Key features of the Mukhya Mantri Nidan Yojana

  1. Improving the quality of health care – The main aim of the state government is to improve the present health care situation in the state. With the implementation of the program, the common people will acquire better medical facilities.
  2. Empowering the government hospitals at all levels – For improving the medical scenario and providing the common people with all kinds of pathological tests, it is mandatory that the government and health care centers are upgraded adequately. With this scheme, these requirements will be met.
  3. Free of cost test facilities – As the cost of getting the pathological testes done in the private medical centers is expensive, many people from the rural and urban areas are unable to afford it. With the implementation of the scheme, all tests will be done in government health care centers for free.
  4. Benefits available at – The free medical exams can be done at all the 16 medical colleges, 331 community health centers, and 22 district hospitals. Apart from this 1,342 primary health centers, 9,156 sub-health centers, and 33 sub-district hospitals will also provide these benefits.
  5. Coverage area – It was highlighted that the implementation of the scheme will be done in all parts of the state at the same time. It will provide the best benefits to the people who need it most.

Medical facilities available under the scheme

All kinds of pathological tests will be provided to the people at the government hospitals or health care centers at no charges. The scheme has started with the basic tests that people require on a regular basis. With time, the state government will include all kinds of tests in the list. The tests that are included in the list now are as follows:

  1. Blood test
  2. Urine test
  3. Blood group determination
  4. Kidney Examinations
  5. Jaundice Tests
  6. Diabetes Related Tests
  7. Typhoid tests

Eligibility criteria of the scheme

  1. Residents of the state – As per the guidelines of the scheme, only the people living in the state and with proper residential proof will be able to get the benefits of the test scheme.
  2. For urban and rural folks alike – Unlike other schemes, the benefits of this program will be available to the people living in the rural as well as the urban areas.
  3. No private medical institutes – These benefits can only be acquired from health care centers, which operate under the state government and not any private hospital or clinic.
  4. Poor people – Though no income related eligibility criterion has been mentioned, the state government has implemented it especially for lifting the burden of medical test related costs from the shoulders of poor and backward people.

Process of getting the benefits

  1. For acquiring the advantages of the scheme, the patients will have to go to any of the health care centers, which have been mentioned above.
  2. Then they will have to consult the doctor there or show the prescription that has the list of tests that need to be done.
  3. The authority will take the necessary steps to conduct the pathological tests. Once the reports arrive, the patient or the patient party will be given it free of cost.

Just like the former CM understood the need to develop the health scenario of the state, the present state government has the same views. That is why the present state government is also promoting the scheme and will provide the required financial assistance for implementing the medical welfare scheme.

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