Mukhyamantri Arthik Kalyan Subsidy Loan Yojana MP

Mukhyamantri Arthik Kalyan Subsidy Loan Yojana Madhya Pradesh [Application Form Download, Eligibility Criteria, Documents List, Online Offline Process] {मुख्यमंत्री आर्थिक कल्याण सब्सिडी लोन योजना}

The Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh state Shivraj Singh Chauhan has officially announced the launch of the Mukhyamantri Arthik Kalyan Yojana. The scheme is mainly focused on offering with financial help to the beneficiaries who come from the Minority groups and backward class of the society. Under he new scheme the registered beneficiaries will be able get established by setting up their business on small scale basis.

Mukhyamantri Arthik Kalyan Yojana MP

Launch dates

As per the statements all interested beneficiaries are expected to apply under the scheme for registration by 31st November 2018. The applications are expected from the beneficiaries belonging to Minorities welfare department and Backward class.

Targeted beneficiaries

The state government has already announced that the financial assistance will be offered to over 15 selected beneficiaries under each groups belonging to the minority and backward class category from the state. The assistance will be provided to the targeted groups for 2018 fiscal year.

Project details under Aarthik Kalyan Yojana Madhya Pradesh

  • As per the details collected so far from the sources, the state government has mentioned that the scheme has been designed such that it will be funding for any project whose maximum project cost does not exceed Rs 50,000 in value for implementation.
  • The state government has also stated that under this scheme the state government has announced to offer with 50 percent of the project cost to selected women beneficiaries. Apart from this the priority of the same will also be given to the Disabled people who belong to the backward class of the society.
  • For this the overall project cost limitation set by the state government is equivalent to Rs 15,000 per project in value that will be given by the state government at the time of implementation.

Aarthik Kalyan Yojana –Web portal and Nodal agency details

  • Any candidate who is interested in getting registered under the scheme can officially log on to the official website at The candidates can also collect details related to the scheme from the web portal.
  • The state government has also mentioned that the scheme will be supervised and monitored by Nodal agency comprising of MD (Managing Director) of State Co-op. SC Development and Finance LTD. Bhopal.
  • Apart from this the nodal agency will also comprise of CEO (Chief Executive Officer) or EO (Executive Officer) Development committees (DIC) District Intermediate Co-Operative.

Benefits offered under the Aarthik Kalyan Yojana MP

  • As per the statements collected by the sources the new scheme will offer each of the registered and eligible beneficiaries with a sum of Rs 50,000. The given amount of money can be made use of by the beneficiary for getting started with establishing their personal business at small scale level within the state of Madhya Pradesh.
  • The state government has also announced that in case the beneficiary is found to be eligible under the Arthik Kalyan Yojana MP then he will also be entitled for making the claim of 50 percent at the time of start up. The assistance will be offered to the beneficiary in the form of marginal assistance for the cost of the project. Under this scheme a maximum marginal assistance of Rs 15,000 will be offered to the beneficiary as per the government.
  • The state government has also stated that the scheme will be offered to the beneficiaries free of cost. The government has also offered with provision for registering all application requests made by online platform under the scheme.

Documents required under Aarthik Kalyan Yojana MP

  • All interested candidates who want to get registered under this scheme will have to provide with a copy of their valid Biometric identity. So they have to submit their Ration Card copies, along with the proof of residence (Residence certificate) claiming they belong to the state.
  • Candidates are also expected to submit a valid copy of the Voter ID cards so they can prove that they are they are the valid citizens of the state. Candidates will also have to submit a copy of their driving license as photo proof.
  • Their base card along with Birth certificate is also mandatory so their age and other residential proof can be provided. In case any candidate is physically handicapped then he may have to provide with valid Disability certificate from the registered authority (PHS) or health care department stating the type and percentage of their disability.
  • As the scheme is open for people belonging to the backward class so they will also have to submit a copy of their SC certificate stating their caste and acknowledge by authorized person. They will also have to submit a copy of their income certificate from the place of work.

Eligibility criteria for registering under the Aarthik Kalyan Yojana MP

  • Age – To get registered under this scheme the applicant has to meet the age limits. It is important at the time of registration he or she has to be between age group 18 to 55 years.
  • Domicile – It is also important that to take the benefit under this scheme the applicant has to be a local citizen of the state of Madhya Pradesh.
  • BPL/SC – The state government has also made it very clear that the benefit of the scheme can only be availed by any beneficiary who belongs to the BPL caste category or Schedule caste category of the state.
  • Non defaulter – The benefit of the scheme can only be availed by any beneficiary who is a non defaulter with any of the financial institutions or banks belonging to the co-operative sector, or nationalized sector or any other non-financial institution.
  • It is also obvious that the beneficiary will only be offered with assistance under this scheme if he has not taken any financial assistance of any other such government run scheme earlier. Apart from this it is also important that the beneficiary should not be receiving any other financial assistance or be self employed under any such scheme.
  • The benefit will only be offered to the candidate once in his life time under this scheme by the government. The financial assistance can be availed by the beneficiary under the scheme for investing in business, industry or service sector.
  • Any new entrepreneur must be at least minimum of 15 years or above of age to take benefit under this scheme and should be holding his pass certificate for all subjects that are mentioned under the NSQF list.
  • No education limit.

Process to apply under the scheme

  • In order to apply for registration under this scheme it is important that the candidate has to first get registered with the official web portal. On the main page he has to make the selection of “Candidate self” registration option.
  • Here the candidate is expected to provide with all valid set of information for registration. Once the information has been entered he has to “Submit” the form.
  • The candidate will be provided with valid User ID or Registration ID along with valid PW. He has to save it for future reference. These credentials can be used by the candidate for checking with the status of application form on the web portal.

The application form that has been submitted by the applicant has to be officially presented before the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) or the EO (Executive Officer) DICDC (Dist. Intermediary Cooperative Dev. Committee). The applicants are expected to submit the application form along with attested documents. The candidates can also avail the application form for free. The government has announced to register all applications received by the applicants.

The new Arthik Kalyan Yojana is a new initiative that has been taken by the state government with an aim to help offer deserving class of the society with opportunity to get established within the small scale sector.

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