Maitri Menstrual Cup Scheme Karnataka 2022

Maitri Menstrual Cup Scheme Karnataka 2022 (Benefits, beneficiaries, application form, registration, eligibility criteria, list, status, official website, portal, documents, helpline number, last date, how to apply)

Karnataka’s district administration is set t distribute menstrual cups to adolescents on 6th July. It will cover two state districts and mainly focus on girls belonging to the tribal community. The state government made the declaration in the budget decision in March. It has been done to consider the environmental factors of using the cups over sanitary pads and other alternatives. Girls belonging to both private and government-aided schools in the age group of 16 to 18 years will be included in the scheme. Read on to know more details on the scheme and the young girls can be beneficial from it.Maitri Menstrual Cup Scheme Karnataka

Maitri Menstrual Cup Scheme Karnataka 2022

Name of the scheme Maitri Menstrual Cup
Beneficiaries of scheme Adolescent girls
Scheme has been launched in Two districts of Karnataka – Dakshina Kannada and Chamarajanagar
Department responsible for implementing the scheme Health and Medical Education Minister Dr K Sudhakar
Place of scheme declaration Vivekananda Girijana Kalyana Kendra in BR Hills in Chamarajanagar
Preference is given in the scheme for Adivasi Soliga community
Appointment of nurses It requires help from ASHA workers in the scheme
Beneficiaries of the scheme 19 lakh girls in Karnataka
Financial help for the launch of the scheme The state government will give rupees 47 crores


What are the highlighting features of the scheme?

Target group of the scheme –Adolesecnet girls of the state, especially the ones belonging to the Adivasi Soliga community of Chamarajanagar and Dakshina Kannada

Main concern raised by the government – The scheme launch’s main idea is to offer environmentally friendly menstrual cups. It is a great alternative to sanitary pads that take long years to decompose compared to prolonged use of the cups.

Help menstruating women – The scheme is an initiative by the health and medical education minister to offer a free menstrual cup to women in two districts in Karnataka

Reservation for the scheme – On the occasion of the menstrual cup scheme launch, there is a need to recruit nurses, and ASHA workers could be the best for this. It is mainly to give the best assistance to women belonging to the tribal community and make them understand the health benefits of choosing menstrual cups over sanitary pads or other options.

Use of hygienic options – The menstrual cups can be used for a long 10 years and an extended 8 to 12 hours. It is an easy and hygienic option among the rest for menstruating women.

This is how Karnataka’s health and family welfare department successfully implements the scheme. The scheme was launched on 6th July to help the state’s adolescents.

The disposal of sanitary napkins poses a big issue. The menstrual cups are a healthy option to op for and can be used for longer times. It triggers girls’ need for awareness and acceptability to g for this environmentally friendly option than the usual sanitary napkins available in the market.

Who are eligible to get the scheme benefits?

1) Adolescents of the state – As the scheme has been launched in two districts of Karnataka, only the natives of the state are eligible to register for it.

2) Girls of schools – Girls studying in government-aided and private schools can benefit from the scheme.

3) Tribal community girls – The girls of the Adivasi Soliga community of Chamarajanagar and Dakshina Kannada are eligible to register. Besides, the girls of the state can also register for the scheme.

However, there has been increased awareness among young girls, mainly seen after the Shuchi scheme during 2015-2016. It helped girls know about menstrual hygiene in detail and why they opt for this over other options available.

List of documents and registration for the scheme

There is no such list of documents, but the girl in need of the cups should justify that she is a native of the state to get them.

Moreover, as this is a newly launched scheme, there is no such registration procedure declared by the state government. The beneficiaries will be the first to know about it as soon as it comes up. For this, one has to wait for the launch of its official portal to get updated details of the scheme and when the state officials would start with the distribution of the menstrual cups.

FAQ on the scheme 

1) Why did Karnataka Decide to launch the scheme?

Ans- Offer free menstrual cups to adolescents in Karnataka

2) Who is the target audience of the scheme?

Ans- Girls of the Adivasi Soliga community of Chamarajanagar and Dakshina Kannada

3) Which department takes responsibility for launching the scheme?

Ans- Health and Medical Education Minister Dr K Sudhakar

4) How much financial assistance does the state government offers?

Ans- Rupees 47 crores

5) What is the main reason behind the scheme launch?

Ans- Promote hygiene and introduce the environmental option of cups over pads



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