Link UAN with Aadhaar | One Employee One EPF Account

Link UAN with Aadhaar | One Employee One EPF Account

UAN stands for the Universal account number which was started in the year 2014. It aims to provide an universal number of provident fund accounts of the govt. employees. The Govt. has planned to link the Aadhar card along with the UANs. With the UAN, the employees can now have access to their PF accounts. These accesses can me made directly through internet. A total number of 6 crore such employees have been provided UANs over the past couple of years. So linking Aadhar details is a safe and trusted mode of verifying the details of each employee efficiently. This scheme has been implemented so that One Employee should have only one EPF account ie a single UAN.

Process of linking the Aadhaar card with the UAN

To link your Aadhar card with the UAN, the first and foremost thing an employee must do is to visit the EPF official website: This web portal is open to the employees who already have Pf accounts and want to do electronic PF transactions using the UAN. After opening the home page of EPF India, the employee must go to the page named ‘For Employees’. Under this tab, the employee must select the “UAN Member e – Seva” tab.  This will open up a new page which requires the UAN and log in password for your EPF account. After successful log in to the account by providing the UAN and password, the user must go to the “Profiles” page. There will be an “Update KYC information” available where the Aadhar details have to be submitted along with a scanned copy of Aadhar card.

Benefits of linking the Aadhar card with UAN

There are several benefits of linking the Aadhar details with the UAN of the employees. Aadhar details are unique details of every individual. It not only works as a proof of identity and proof of address, but also it works as a proof of citizenship.

In addition to this, there are several important data available in Aadhar card like all biometric details of that Aadhar card holder which includes retina scan, thumb impression, etc. These techniques used in Aadhar are very effective in uniquely identifying every individual and bring transparency in the system. So this transparency can be brought in the process of providing UAN details by linking the Aadhar cards of the employees.

The Major benefit that the governmnet would have will be that a single person would have only one EPF (UAN) account. This will reduce the duplicacy of accounts.

Mode of distribution of UAN to the employees

The employees who have Provident Fund accounts can have access to their accounts easily with the help of EPF which stand for electronic PF. This means a beneficiary can now gain access to his / her PF account and withdraw or deposit money from the PF account as per their need or will. For this EPF system to be functional, the Govt. has rolled out a scheme to provide UAN for the PF accounts to the employees. There are some required documents needed to submit so that avail this facility. Apart from the proof of identity and proof of address, the Govt. is keen to capture the Aadhar details of the employees by linking the UAN with Aadhar cards of the employees.

Has the Govt. made it mandatory to link Aadhar card with UAN?

Yes, the PF department has passed an order to provide Aadhar card as a necessary KYC document while applying for the EPF scheme. Aadhar is the most suitable mode of authentication and verification of an employee as it has got all generic, biometric and demographic data about an employee. But in case of transfer of money amount from the PF account to the bank account, the Aadhar card is a necessary document which is required to verify and validate the identity of the employee. After full verification of Aadhar and PAN details only, the money from PF account is transferred to the savings account of the employee.

What is the time taken for Aadhar details update?

To get the Aadhar details updated to one’s PF account, it takes a time of 15 days for successful submission. The EPF web portal is the place from where Aadhar details can be submitted and the link between the UAN and Aadhar can be made. This linking must be done by every individual who works in public or private sector. The Aadhar card is a foolproof identity of an employee which contains biometric details of the person. This results in swift, efficient and transparent access of PF accounts by its authentic user.

Why the EPF scheme is so important?

Once an employee wants to withdraw an amount from his / her provident fund account, it becomes a tiring process. Even it is a loan or total withdrawal after retirement, the average time it takes for gaining access to the money deposited in the PF account is almost 2 – 3 months. In case of withdrawal after retirement, this time stretches further. To get rid of this problem, the Govt. has launched the project to connect the employees directly with the PF account, electronically to make the system more efficient.

Sl. No. Attributes Related data
1 Name of Scheme EPFO scheme
2 Mode of connecting the employees with respective PF accounts Universal Account Number (UAN)
3 Necessary KYC documents needed Aadhar card, PAN card< bank account details.
4 Web portal for Aadhar card linking with UAN

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