Ladli Beti Yojana In Delhi [Form] 2020

Ladli Beti Yojana In Delhi [Form] 2020
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The sex ratio of the north Indian state is low. Keeping this in view, the government announced and implemented the Ladli Beti Yojana in Delhi. The program was aimed at increasing the awareness of people and assisting the poor families in securing the economic and academic future of the female child.

Ladli Yojana Delhi

Launch Date Ladli Beti Yojana in Delhi

A sex ratio survey was conducted by the government in the Delhi and this made the people aware of the sorry state of the female child in the nation. To stop the cases of female infanticide, the Delhi government announced the implementation of the Ladli Beti Yojana in the year 2008. In the recent times, some changes have been made in the scheme but the overall idea remains the same. All the activities of the scheme will be monitored by the Department of Women and Child Development. In 2008, the announcement was made by the then CM of Delhi, Sheila Dikshit and now; the current CM is also supporting the program.

Important features of Ladli Beti Yojana in Delhi

  1. Increasing the sex ratio – As the number of girls was less in Delhi, the scheme was a step taken by the state government to make the people aware about the importance of girls in the society.
  2. Securing the future of the girl child – Money alone will not be able to give the girls a strong foundation. They must be given proper education. The scheme has been designed in such a manner that the people are encouraged to send the girls to school. Maintaining regular school is a must for getting the benefits of the scheme.
  3. Two girls per family – To ensure maximum benefit of the backward classes, the state government decided that each family will be able to register two girls under the scheme. No more than two girls, from one family will be registered under the program.
  4. For the people of Delhi – Last but not the least; the scheme has been designed exclusively for those who are living in Delhi. To narrow down the margin, only those girls, born within the borders of Delhi will be able to get the benefits.

Eligibility Criteria of Ladli Beti Yojana in Delhi

For attaining the benefits under the scheme, the candidates will have to meet a certain set of specific requirements. On fulfilling these, the candidate will be eligible to apply for the benefits:

  1. Residential requirement of the child – The scheme has been designed exclusively for the girl children born in and staying in Delhi. If the child is born in some other part of the country, she will not be able to register.
  2. Residential requirements of the family – The family might not be originally from the state but they must be residing for a span of 3 years before applying for the scheme. Without fulfilling this point, they will not be considered eligible.
  3. Annual income of the family – As far as the income of the family is concerned, the maximum earning of the family, during one financial year must not exceed the one lakh mark or else, they will not be able to apply.
  4. Academic requirement of the girl – Another mandatory requirement is that the girl must be studying in a school that is located within the border of Delhi. That is not all; the school must have the necessary recognition of the government.
  5. Utility of the money – The money that the girl will get cannot be spent on anything that she or the parents desire. The money can be used for attaining further education or for establishing any small business. It can also be used for getting occupational trainings.

Documents required for Ladli Beti Yojana in Delhi

A lot of documents will be required for submission with the application for. The parents will have to produce the residential certificate that will prove that they are living in Delhi. They will also have to produce the cast as well as the income certificate so that the authority can cross-check it. As the money will be deposited in an account, the parents need to open an account in any SBI branch in Delhi. They will have to submit the details of the branch and the accounts as well. Attaching a photocopy of the Aadhar Card is a must for verifying the identity of the girl child. Last but not the least; the details of the school must be furnished by the parents.

Financial Assistance in Ladli Beti Yojana in Delhi

To ensure that the parents send their girls to school regularly, the state government will provide the financial assistance in six separate stages. They are as follows:

  1. For the birth of a female child – The first deposit of Rs. 11, 000 will be made by the state government in the SBI account if the delivery of the girl child was done in a hospital or any other medical institution. The deposit of Rs. 10, 000 will be made if the delivery took place at the home.
  2. For the educational expenses of the girl – The remaining five installments will be made by the state government in the SBI account during the academic or schooling years of the child. All the deposits will be of equal sum, i.e. Rs. 5000.

The stages are:

  • During admission in the 1st standard
  • During admission in the 4th standard
  • During admission in the 9th standard
  • After passing the 10th standard
  • During admission in 12th standard

How to get the application form?

The process of acquiring the registration form or the application form is easy. One will have to click on the official website and download the application form by clicking on the specific link. 

How to Apply for Ladli Beti Yojana?

Applying under the scheme will require the interested candidates to fill up the registration form. The following steps will guide you in the process:

  1. The guardians or the parents of the girl child will have to log on to the official link and get the PDF form via downloading it. Then they will have to take a print out of the form.
  2. Once they have the form, the parents will have to fill it up with the correct information. They will have to fill in the form with the name, address, DOB, contact details of the parents, name of the school and other details.
  3. There is another section that will assist the authority is determining the cast of the candidate. The candidate will have to tick mark in the box to point out whether she belongs to ST/SC/OBC/General cast.
  4. It is mandatory for the parents to correctly write the Aadhar Code of the female student. It will assist the authority in keeping a tab on the candidate and the academic progress happening in her life.
  5. The parents need to provide the details of the annual income of the family and also details about the school that the candidate attends. All these details will be verified before the candidate is chosen.
  6. When all the details have been filled in, the parents need to check it again to rule out any errors. After attaching the required documents with the application form, it must be submitted for the consideration of the authority.

Registration Process in School under Ladli Beti Yojana

The girls who are reading in schools can also make the application for getting the benefits of the scheme. They will have to submit the papers, which will support the claims that they are in fact associated with the school. Another point that these candidates need to keep in mind is that the schools must have proper recognition from the state government. Without the seal of recognition, the application will not be processed.

Renewal Process at School

During the schooling years of the girl, the state government will deposit five installments, each of Rs 5000. But the students will not be able to get the money until they reach the age of 18 years. The sum will be deposited on getting admission to the 1st, 4th and 9th standard. The last two deposits will be made on passing the 10th standard and getting admission in the 12th standard respectively. The process will ensure that the girls get proper education.

Maturity Claim Procedure

According to the guidelines of the Ladli Beti Yojana, the girl will only be given the entire maturity sum, when she attains the legal age of 18 years. As soon as it happens, the girl will have the full authority of withdrawing the total amount from the SBI account. Apart from this, the girl will be able to get the money if she passes 10th standard as a regular candidate or then when she attains admission in the 12th standard.

Contact details for registration

To get more information on the scheme, you can either check out the official website that is maintained by the state government. You can also call up the helpline numbers and get the information that you seek. Last but not the least; you can get to the office of the department and talk to the respective officers.

Helpline numbers:

  • 011 – 23073459
  • 011 – 23388818
  • 011 – 23387715


Department of Women and Child Development

1 – A, Ravi Shankar Shukla Lane

  1. G. Marg

New Delhi – 110001


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