Gujarat Gay Sahay Scheme 2022 [registration, benefits]

Gujarat Gay Sahay Scheme 2022 (registration, eligibility criteria, list, status, Benefits, beneficiaries, application form, official website, portal, documents, helpline number, last date, how to apply)

The Gujarat Gay Sahay scheme 2022 has come into being to help farmers of the state become empowered. The main improvement would be in agriculture and boosting the overall farming production. The Gujarat state government has taken the initiative of the scheme to help the farmers. The interested farmers can get benefits from the scheme. A detailed study of the scheme is given in the following part.Gay Sahay Scheme Gujarat

Gay Sahay Yojana Gujarat 2022

Name of the scheme Gay Sahay Yojana
Scheme was initiated by Gujarat state government
Beneficiaries of the scheme Gujarat citizens
Assistance to be given for Assistance would be given to shepherds who are into natural farming and mainly depend on indigenous cows for farming
Purpose of scheme launch Improve conditions of natural farming
Application process for the scheme Online
Official portal

What are the highlighting details of the scheme?

  • Objective of the scheme – The main idea is to increase the proof of natural farming in Gujarat, improve production, increase the price of materials, and promote land production. Therefore, all these shall impact improving the economic condition of the farmers in the state. The scheme also aims at using khattar from cow dung and urine to improve the condition of land rather than using any chemicals on it.
  • Beneficiaries of the scheme – The poor farmers involved in cow farming are the scheme’s beneficiaries.
  • Official portal of the scheme – The interested people can get updates regarding the scheme on
  • Assistance to get under the scheme – It will assist the farmers in getting more production at less cost and improving its quality.
  • Budget of the scheme – Gujarat government has approved rupees 66.50, and on its basis, the benefit will be given to farmers

The state government is successfully trying to improve farming and boost agricultural growth by implementing the scheme.

Assistance to be given under the scheme

  • Provide financial help of rupees 900 to the eligible farmers of Gujarat
  • Yearly rupees 10800 will be given to farmers
  • The financial assistance under the scheme will be directly transferred to the link bank account of the beneficiary farmer

How will beneficiaries get money under the scheme?

  1. The application made by beneficiaries should go through thorough checking
  2. Farmers will get rupees 900 for the accommodation of farming cows once the application gets approved.
  3. The financial help will be transferred to the linked account of the farmer
  4. The excess expenditure on cows from April to June, the spending on accommodation from July to September, the details of spending from October to December to be given in January, and so on will be given in the bank details of the farmers. Accordingly, the person will be given financial help for the same.

Who are eligible to register for the scheme?

  • Farmers of the state – As the scheme has been launched in Gujarat, only the native farmers of the state are eligible for it
  • Have indigenous cow – Farmers having indigenous cows are eligible to register for the scheme. They should do farming with the indigenous cows
  • Benefits to be given to beneficiaries – The selected farmers under the scheme will be given the benefits of the scheme
  • Training under the scheme – The selected farmers should get suitable training by a master trainer for natural farming and plan the strategies right to get suitable returns from it

List of documents to register for the scheme

  1. Identification details – Farmers applying for the scheme should have an 8-A copy and aadhar card, voter ID card, and equivalent as identification
  2. Bank details –The farmer should furnish suitable bank details, IFSC code, and branch details to link it with the scheme and get financial help directly. Moreover, the person should produce a cancellation cheque in case the passbook is not available
  3. Cow identification – Farmers should produce correct cow identification details
  4. Consent form – If two farmers are jointly the owner of a farm, the other person should furnish their account details to get the financial help directly credited to the bank account

What are the main benefits to get from the Cow Sahay Scheme?

  • The Gujarat government has started the Gay Sahay Scheme to help the state farmers and improve their condition
  • The state government will give financial assistance to farmers, allowing them to do farming with indigenous cows
  • The beneficiaries will get assistance through the DBT method
  • The scheme demands tracking of cow and its chance of survival after every three month
  • Once the farmer submits a certificate of natural farming to village authorities, they will be offered quarterly assistance based on the same
  • Depending on this, the farmers will be assisted and encouraged to natural farming
  • The scheme will also promote the conservation of indigenous cows
  • Farmers can earn more from this scheme with less investment
  • Using natural farming, the land will become more fertile and perfect for farming
  • Farmers have to give production proof as a result of the scheme
  • The application for the scheme will be accepted via the online mode

Process of registration under the scheme

  • First, the eligible candidates have to visit the official portal of the scheme at
  • Now, they have to click on options of schemes available
  • After this, they have to click on the scheme they want to choose
  • Soon after clicking on the link will direct you to a new page with details of the scheme that you want to enroll to
  • After this, the beneficiary will be asked whether the candidate has already registered or is yet to register for the scheme
  • Click on the ‘no’ option and then click on the ‘proceed’ button to continue with scheme registration
  • Following this, a new page comes up, and you have to click on the new application form page and start the process
  • Now, fill in the required details with the correct information
  • After this you have to fill the details of ration card and land details of the farmer
  • Following this, you have to give the captcha code displayed on the screen
  • Following this, you have to click on submit option to complete the procedure

This is how it takes to complete registration for the scheme successfully.

Important links relating to the scheme are:

FAQ of the scheme

Q- What is the purpose of scheme launch?

ANS- Encourage natural farming and improve its productivity

Q-What is the official portal of the scheme?


Q-Who are the target group of the scheme?

ANS- Farmers of the state

Q- What is the total budget approved for the scheme?

ANS- Rupees 66.50

Q-What is the mode of application for the scheme?

ANS- Online

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