Free walking sticks and spectacles scheme

Free walking sticks and spectacles scheme

Free walking sticks and spectacles for below poverty line senior citizens is a unique scheme which is introduced by Rohit Kumar. This is mainly a central government scheme, and this scheme launched on 2nd January two thousand seventeen. The introduced by thinking about the condition of the old aged people living in this particular nation. The scheme has benefited old aged people and thereby an old person who is helpless and did not have support to move around is helped with such scheme.

Free walking sticks and spectacles scheme

During the old age the government has used the pension scale but if that particular individual is pension less then he or she might not have that support and therefore they may find difficult to meet their needs. The scheme has helped the people to have better treatment as well as the support with the stick that is essential for an individual to move from one place to another. It has also helped the old people with the spectacles that are vital for visual sight.

About the scheme

The scheme is a useful move by the government and that is why it is essential for the people to know about the scheme. The detailed about the scheme is listed as follows:

  • As per the government, it was felt that the old persons should be helped with the walking sticks, hearing aids, and spectacles so that they could easily manage to walk from one place to another.
  • The government realizes that usually poor people cannot earn too much money to spend their life. Senior citizens are depended on their son to spend their life.
  • Food collection is very hectic matter to them that is why they do not buy spectacles and walking sticks.
  • Spectacles and walking sticks are the very useful thing for the senior citizen. Realizing this problem government has decided to distribute some spectacles, walking sticks and hearing aids.

Unique features of the scheme

This is the unique project. If government correctly utilises this scheme many poor people can get the hymn of life. Some senior people, who are staying in a below poverty line they are suffering from many common diseases, which comes from the defect of the eye, ear and leg. Generally when you are an aged person, firstly your eye and ear became defected. So when you get relief from this defect some elements required. Government mentioned that this scheme would perform in all the states, but it is only acting in the two districts of each state.

Method of the scheme

Empowerment minister and union social justice minister strictly provided the instructions to the entire chief minister for giving some details of the two districts.

  • The old persons below the poverty line are helped with the walking sticks, hearing aids, and spectacles for having a better life for them.
  • Government doctor first observes the defect of the people then they send the name of the senior citizens, who are suffering from the problem.
  • The first duty of the doctor will take the medical test of the senior people. Showing the list of the citizen’s government creates a panel and then they distribute the supporting elements to the people. Government selects a particular company, who can distribute these supporting materials.
  • As a result, some poor people will get walking sticks, hearing aids and spectacles, which will quality and helpful for the treatment.
  • Artificial limbs manufacturing corporation of India will supply the necessary equipment. This organisation is famous for their manufacturing capacity of these useful elements.

Gist of the scheme

Government wants to help the poor senior citizens for providing the better treatment to them. In the old aged poor people cannot have the money that is the reason they do not want to force their child to buy them some instrument that can help them to have better support during their old age. It is mainly used for protecting their old age related diseases. Introducing this scheme government will take the revolution all over the country. Government always serve the below poverty line people all benefits. This scheme is the new addition, which wills the most active scheme among such schemes.

Name Free walking sticks, spectacles scheme
Introduced by Rohit Kumar
Scheme is valid to Citizen of India
For the people Senior citizens of India
Specified to Any of the two districts for every states


Central government introduced some excellent schemes for improving the worst condition of the poor people. Free walking sticks, spectacles for the below poverty line senior citizens project has aimed the treatment of the lower vision, loss of teeth, and locomotors disability. According to the census report, 5.2 percent people have some old age-related disability. When the government provides hearing aids, walking sticks and spectacles aged people can find the proper meaning of life. Apart from these sometimes poor people seems that their life will be finished when their age increased.

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