Delhi Danteshwari Service Free Auto Rickshaw Scheme

Delhi Danteshwari Service Yojana – Free Auto Rickshaw Scheme in New Delhi

With an aim to promote eco friendly transportation services within the country, the Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi had organized the launch of a scheme in the Capital of the country. The scheme launched by the PM is termed as Delhi Danteshwari service Yojana is a free auto rickshaw scheme.

Delhi Danteshwari Service Yojana

Name Delhi Danteshwari service Yojana in New Delhi
Key Target free auto rickshaw scheme
Launched By Mr. Modi
Occasion Birth date of Nationalist leader Lt. Nanaji Deshmukh
Organized By Agricultural Research Council

Key features Of Delhi Danteshwari service Yojana

  • Under the scheme exhibition of e-Auto Rickshaw services was organized by the central and state government in the capital.
  • According to latest updates that exhibition was attended by exhibits coming from various states within the country.
  • The exhibition was organized with an aim to promote various public welfare schemes and rural development programs organized by governments.
  • Around 200 women representing over 51 different groups were selected to get enrolled under the scheme for e-auto rickshaw scheme by PM.
  • Under the already launched scheme it is certain that women drivers will drive the auto rickshaw for women passengers looking at the safety of the women passenger.
  • A state government had also provided with specialized training sessions to these women to drive the auto rickshaw.
  • According to the central and state government, under the scheme the unemployed women will get a chance of employment to be self independent in life.

Beneficiary under the scheme

  • The central and state government has introduced and launched the new scheme for women of the country who belong to BPL families and Backward class groups coming from rural areas.
  • The new scheme has been launched for women who are employed and looking around for opportunities for gaining employment.

Documents required In free auto rickshaw scheme

  • To get registered for the scheme each candidate has to provide with a copy of their Aadhar card to be linked under the scheme.
  • It is also important for the candidate to provide with detailed print out of their bank account and pass book.
  • As the scheme will be offered to the residents of Delhi so women candidates will have to provide with their domicile certificates as proof.
  • After filling in the forms the candidates have to acknowledge the forms and provide with their latest passport size photograph.

Process to apply

  • To apply for the scheme, you have to visit the official government website. Candidates have to fill in the application form details and submit it.
  • Once submitted you will be provided with registration number that has to be maintained for later verification of status.


The central and state government, have been trying to improve the employment condition within the country, by implementing various employment oriented schemes. Danteshwari service Yojana is a part of such employment schemes run by the government to make women of the country self reliable and employed. With the implementation of the scheme, more and better employment opportunities will be generated for women who are willing to earn their livelihood and who belong to economically weaker sections of the society.

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