Compassionate Family Pension Scheme in Assam (CFP)

Compassionate Family Pension Scheme in Assam CFP Scheme Application Form, Eligibility Rules 2018

There have been numerous concerns in the past over the legal heirs of deceased employees and their finances. The Compassionate Family Pension Scheme was designed to cover the financial needs that people have after someone’s departure. This is especially designed for those are related to family members who had died before receiving superannuation benefits.

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The scheme helps those who are unable to take over the jobs of the deceased. The scheme supports family members without entailing any added job offers in the process. This is also for families whose members are trained in other jobs to begin with. The new scheme ensures that people can receive the benefits of their loved ones without having to bear with any job offers in positions that they might not be all that familiar with.

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Scheme Compassionate Family Pension Scheme or CFP Scheme in Assam
Launched On 2017
Budget Year 2017-18
Supervised by Finance Minister of Assam
Scheme Type Family Pension Scheme
Official Website
Help Desk

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Key Features For Compassionate Family Pension Scheme

The scheme focuses on the following important features. Such features are designed to make it easier for people to get the most out of the scheme and to cover many financial hardships that might occur in the process:

  • When an employee dies prior to superannuation, the family pension will be paid to the legal heirs of that employee for a set period of time. The full value of the family pension will be covered for a monthly period up until the date of superannuation that was listed. That is, it would be the date in which the person would have earned pension benefits had the person lived.
  • The last pay that a person would have earned will also be paid to the heirs. This includes the pay that is listed in one’s pay band as well as any additional grade pay that would have been involved in one’s account.
  • Various additional relief totals may be provided in the payments to the heirs. These include the Dearness relief. The terms involved with such relief plans should be listed properly in the account that one uses.
  • The CFP becomes the standard Family Pension after the superannuation period ends. The Family Pension is fixed at 50 percent of the CFP. The pension payments are given from the superannuation date to the date when the deceased employee would have been 67 years of age. The period will go for seven years on average.
  • Changes to family pensions may be revised when certain circumstances change. These include changes with regards to the status of one’s pension benefits.
  • After the Family pension period ends, the pension goes from 50 to 30 percent. This goes on until the person is eligible for pension coverage in the Assam Services Pension Rules 1969. The pension rate should be consistent throughout the overall life of the program.

There may be cases where eligible family members are not being supported by the pensioner. In some instances a receipt of a complaint may be sent out with regards to certain issues. A proper authority will have to review any concerns such as this and then issue the appropriate pension payments to the proper family members who are eligible.

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Eligibility Criteria for CFP scheme

The timing and relationships involved with those who could receive benefits off of the CFP scheme are essential for understanding how the plan works. The criteria for getting into a program works as follows:

  • The employee in question must have died prior to receiving superannuation benefits. The overall purpose of the scheme is to help those who are directly related to people who have died before they were able to take in the particular benefits that they were entitled to.
  • The Assam Services Pension Rules 1969 will be utilized to determine which family members are eligible to receive benefits. Those who are directly related to the deceased person should qualify to get coverage.
  • A court has the right to issue the scheme benefits to a family depending on various terms in general. These include terms that focus on understanding how well parents are taken care of and if they require any kind of additional coverage or support.
  • Any employee who has died while working could be covered whether it entails natural or unnatural causes. Those who had voluntarily retired or resigned from their positions will not be covered as a part of the scheme.
  • All those who qualify for Assam Services Pension Rules 1969 will be appropriately covered. These include provincialized employees plus those who are employed by the state government.
  • The scheme works for pensions for all those who have died following 1st April 2017. Any coverage points relating to compassionate appointments may be covered for those who died before that time period.

All family members of those who have died must contact their local government offices for information on whether they can qualify to get into the program. The terms are identical for all people regardless of the particular fields of work that they have been involved in.

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The general design of the Compassionate Family Pension scheme was made to ensure that family members of deceased employees are supported. This especially comes as there were problems in the past with people struggling to take care of their family expenses following someone’s death. The support that comes from this scheme is essential for how it improves upon how well people are financial helped.

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Compassionate Family Pension Form in Assam

The Assam Governor has finally released the official announcement that states the implementation of Compassionate Family Pension scheme. This compensation project has been targeted towards those deceased state government employees who were the only earning members of the family. This new pension scheme will replace the Compassionate Appointment Scheme. All revised guidelines of this pension scheme are available on the official Assam Government site. Eligible applicants have to get the enrollment form, fill in the details and submit it to the respective department. The pension amount, offered under this scheme, will depend on the pay grade and last salary of the deceased employee. The financial assistance will help families meet their economic requirements, in the absence of the earning member.

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