Common Mobility Card Scheme – Travel in DTC Buses With Metro Cards in Delhi

Common Mobility Card Scheme – Travel in DTC Buses With Metro Cards in Delhi

The Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal had officially launched the Common Mobility Card under the Scheme. Using the card facility the state government has announced that the common person will be able to make use of his services with an aim to ease the way of traveling within the City in DTC buses.

Common Mobility Card Scheme – Travel in DTC Buses With Metro Cards in Delhi

Launch Details

  • Officially the new scheme was launched by the CM himself and tested for its authentication by boarding a local DTC bus from the CMOs office to travel till Delhi Secretariat.
  • The new card is a type of Metro service card that can be used by any common person who uses the services of the DTC.

Key Features

  • According to the state government the scheme is aimed such that using it the travel experience for common man will be more convenient. The scheme also ensures that to travel within the city common man will be able to travel cashless.
  • The services of the Metro card (CMC) can be used by the commuters to travel by DTC or other metro buses from one destination to another. The CM also addressed the press as the day and facility being very much important for the local people of Delhi.
  • The CM also clarified that commuters can make use of the CMC cards to travel by any means within the city that makes use of the electric ticketing system for generating tickets.
  • The CM also added that in present time the card will be used by the commuters with around 200 buses provided and operated by DTC, Delhi Metro services and 50 Cluster buses.
  • The CM also stated that the government and DTC shall also be providing with services to help recharge the cards when travelling itself. The company will set up an electronic recharging machine onboard the bus itself for the commuters.
  • The state government has also made a plant to make the facility fully available by two phases of launch with the recharge facility be present by the second phase of its launch.


The state government of Delhi has ensured that it is present talking all possible steps to help improve and provide with better traveling facilities to the commuters. The above mentioned service will ensure that commuters get to save a lot of their time from purchasing tickets to getting it valid for monthly travel plans.


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