(Bharat Ke Veer) Web Portal and App for Martyrs and Soldiers (Bharat Ke Veer) Web Portal and App for Martyrs and Soldiers

Interesting! We don’t often see this happening in India. At least, we didn’t see it happen for as long back as we can remember. A dedicated fund for supporting the families of the brave soldiers of our nation, who sacrificed their lives for us, for our motherland! Well, that is something new. What’s really surprising here is that the fund thus created by the Union Government of India will actually work on crowd-funding. (Bharat Ke Veer) Web Portal and App for Martyrs and Soldiers

How come?

Say hello to ‘Bharat Ke Veer’. It is the name given to the mobile application and also the web portal where people from all over India can willingly (absolutely no pressure) contribute to this fund. This mobile application and the web portal will be inaugurated tomorrow (9th April, 2017) by Rajnath Singh – the Union Minister of India.

This portal will operate on a platform which is based on Information Technology. The inauguration ceremony will see the presence of Kiren Rijiju – Union Home Affairs minister and Akshay Kumar – Bollywood actor.

Technical and Banking Partner of Bharat Ke Veer

National Informatics Centre (popularly known as NIC) is the technical brain behind this web portal and mobile application. The banking partner for the app and the website is State Bank of India.

The app and the website have been designed meticulously in such a fashion that the maximum amount that can go in a single account (that is in account of a single soldier) is INR 15 lakhs from a single donor. In case the donor tries to donate more than that amount to a single soldier’s account, the donor will get a notice and the funds will be diverted to another soldier’s account or in the corpus of the Bharat Ke Veer initiative. The reason behind such cap is that maximum coverage needs to be achieved so that every braveheart’s family gets something.

This simply means that a donor is actually free do decide which soldier’s family he or she wants to support financially.

Which soldiers will be covered?

Well, of course only those soldiers will be considered who have given their lives in action. More specifically, those soldiers belonging to Central Para Military Force and Central Armed Police Force, who have given their lives in line of duty will be considered for the donations.

Management of Bharat Ke Veer Corpus

The money that will be donated by a person will be sent directly into the account of the soldier’s ‘Next of Kin’. It is not necessary that a donor needs to send the money directly to someone’s account. The money can be sent into the Bharat Ke Veer corpus as well. The corpus that will be holding the donated money will stay under the management of a committee made up of senior officials of the government as well as reputed and eminent persons. The committee will decide the distribution of the funds. However, despite the fact that the fund distribution will be equitable basis, needy families will be given more priority.

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