Baristha Bunkar Sahayata Yojana

Baristha Bunkar Sahayata Yojana

Bunkar, in English terms means the weavers. In our country, weaving is a really major occupation that offers earning to a huge number of individuals. And this is the reason; the government has decided to take up schemes that offer beneficial aspects for such weavers. The Baristha Bunkar Sahayata Yojana falls within the category of such schemes. This is first launched by the Orissa government very recently. On 7Th August, it was decided by the Orissa Government that this scheme shall be launched especially for those weavers who have become aged. And this day has been marked as the National handloom day for our country.

Yojana Baristha Bunkar Yojana
Launched On 7th Aug
Launched By State Govt.
Gov. Name Orissa Government
Announced By Mr. Naveen Patnaik
Under the Supervision Weaver’s welfare
Scheme Type Pension
Target Audience Aged weavers (Bunkar)
Pension Amount Above 60 age= 500INR/ Month, Above 80 age= 700INR/ Month

Baristha Bunkar Sahayata Yojana

The features of Baristha Bunkar Yojana

  • This is a form of pension for the weavers:

Since this scheme has been launched for the aged weavers, this is going to offer a lot of benefits for those men. Within this scheme, the weavers who are within the age category of 60 years, shall have the benefit of monthly 500 INR pension and those who have been above the age of 80 years, shall receive a monthly pension of 700 INR.

  • The objective

This scheme is targeted to improve the financial condition of the weavers of our country. And since it has been first inaugurated by the Orissa government, on a primary stage it focuses on helping the financial condition of 8000 weavers. The men, who have been working in this field for more than 20 years, shall be really benefitted.  The pension amounts shall be sent directly to the bank accounts of the beneficiaries and thus they are relieved from the hassle of coming up and collecting their pension amount.

  • The distribution of awards:

It needs to be mentioned here that in such an occasion, the Chief Minister, Mr. Naveen Patnaik also distributed awards for those weavers who have been working really hard and offering our country with the production of the traditional weaves in Odisha. The awards were distributed within the weaver’s welfare co-operative societies.

  • To improve the financial condition of weavers:

According to the present reports, there are more than 1.5 Lakh weavers present in Odisha and that includes the 78% of the women who are engaged within handloom production. These women are engaged in the artwork of fabrics that are worth more than 160 crore rupees. The major handloom production of Odisha includes the dye, tie Sambalpuri, Khandua, Berhampuri Pata, Saktapar Sari, Bomkai and many more. These artworks and weave production needs to be safeguarded. And this is why such schemes have been formatted.

A tabular overview about additional details about Baristha Bunkar Yojana

SL NO Facts about BBS Yojana Brief details about the scheme
1. How will be the problems (other than financial) of weavers sorted out? There will be site-specific surveys that will lead to reviews of weavers’ condition. And this will help in bringing out solutions for the problems faced by weavers.
2. The directions to textile inspectors and field staffs To visit the families of Weavers’ individually and know about their requirements to improve the livelihood of the weavers’.
3. The overall amount taken up by the government 5 crore annually for implementing this scheme.

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