Atal Mahaaphan Vikas Abhiyan in Maharashtra

Atal Mahaaphan Vikas Abhiyan in Maharashtra

The state government of Maharashtra has started a new scheme in the state to enhance the life of the farmers. Atal Mahaaphan Vikas Abhiyan is a new scheme about cooperative sectors. The state government under this scheme will provide handful of money to the cooperatives for start up businesses. This will be helpful for the women and the farmers across the state.

Atal Mahaaphan Vikas Abhiyan in Maharashtra

Launch Details

The scheme has been announced in the beginning of the year 2017 by the Chief Minister of the state Mr. Devendra Fadnavis. By the end of the year the scheme has been officially launched in the state by the CM. According to Mr. Fadnavis the scheme will be helpful to develop the standard of living of the farmers in the state.

Key Features

  • Aim: The primary aim of the scheme is to doubling the income of the farmers by the year 2022. This will also lead to betterment of their lifestyle. The scheme will facilitate women population of the rural Maharashtra as well.
  • Need for the scheme: According to the reports the cooperatives are lacking behind financially as there is no enough fund for business. Looking at this scenario the government has decided to boost up the sector by providing funds.
  • The Scheme: Under the scheme the state government will provide financial assistance to 5000 cooperatives. The cooperatives afterwards can start their own business. This scheme will support non-banking business in rural areas.
  • Registration: Under the scheme the Primary Agricultural Cooperative Societies will have to register. Those who are taking up non-banking start ups can register under the scheme. The business will be on the basis of Public, Cooperative Private Partnership.
  • Benefits: The biggest benefit of this scheme is that it will generate employment in the cooperative societies. Alongside, the scheme will encourage people to start their own business like Stand up India. This scheme will expand the opportunity of non-banking business in rural areas for the development of the sector.
  • Women’s benefits: Under this scheme women’s self help groups will also get benefitted. The state government of Maharashtra will give them proper guidance to grow more. Along with women, the farmers of the state will also get guidance for their growth.
  • Atal Vikas Abhiyan Campaign: District wise campaign has been planned by the state government under this scheme. In these campaigns the authorities will encourage more farmers and cooperatives to earn more by joining this scheme along with other government schemes.

The scheme has started mainly to provide a better life to the rural population. Various campaigns and institutions will take initiative to implement the scheme. All these institutions and authorities will market the agricultural produce. Also various information regarding crops, pesticides, fertilisers and so on will be provided as well.


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