@askGST_Gol is the Twitter Handle of Revenue Department for GST Questions

@askGST_Gol is the Twitter Handle of Revenue Department for GST Questions And Helpline Number

As the country will witness the largest tax reforms in its history with the implementation of GST, since independence, the Central Govt. is keeping no stones unturned to clear any confusion / query by the general public regarding the GST and its implementations. The govt. has launched a social platform on Twitter where one can clear their doubts regarding GST. As the GST is altogether a whole new system, so there will be several confusions on the part of tax payers as well as other stake holders. They may get any of their GST related queries answered through the Twitter handle @askGST_GoI. Apart from this Twitter Handle, the govt. has also launched dedicated helpline number and website for GST.

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Dedicated team to answer queries on the GST Twitter handle

Successful implementation of GST will only be achieved by providing a support system which will solve all the GST related queries from the general tax payers or the business organizations. Hence a Twitter handle – @askGST_GoI is launched on 28th May, 2017 with the aim of solving any such queries by general public, related to GST. This Twitter handle will have a 24 * 7 dedicated team appointed by the Finance Ministry (Revenue Department) which will receive all the queries on this Twitter account and solve them at the earliest.

GST Twitter handles mechanism to be followed:

  • The dedicated social media team which will look after the Twitter handle @askGST_GoI will scrutinize all the tweets received. The team will work in rotational shifts.
  • Those queries where instant reply may be given will be answered as soon as possible by the team.
  • There might be some queries / complaints which might need further action will be forwarded to the concerned department for further course of action.
  • Feedbacks will be given to all the queries as soon as possible after any course of action against any such tweet.

Importance of this GST Twitter handle

There will be a lot of confusion among masses regarding the rules applicable under the GST and they are used to the old tax laws existent in the country. So even the tax experts are also gearing up with proper training of GST rule and its implementations. A normal tax payer might find it confusing to calculate his/her taxes under the GST regime. So this Twitter handle will surely help him in getting his confusions removed. Also the business owners who kept their ledgers maintained through accounting staffs will need to arrange training for them and will also need to customize their ERP software as per GST. So they may also get necessary help from this Twitter handle @askGST_GoI.

 GST Overview

  • More than 1,200 goods and 500 services will be accounted under the GST regime which will attract different slabs of taxes.
  • The tax calculations will be done in four slabs – 5 per cent, 12 per cent, 18 12 per cent and 28 12 per cent.
  • The GST will be implemented with effect from 1st July, 2017.

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