Annapurna Akshayapatra Yojana Chandigarh

Annapurna Akshayapatra Yojana Chandigarh

Annapurna Akshayapatra Yojana Chandigarh has proved to be an important scheme and it is launched by the VP Badnore. Mr. Badnore is an UT administrator and according to the scheme he decided to provide food and other necessary items regards to food at a less price. The packets that contain the food will be distributed at certain time and to avail it people has to come to any of the five locations between 6pm to 9pm in the evening. The food that is provided is suitable for health and therefore the packets contain vegetables, chapatis and pickles. If an individual buy such food item from the restaurant or prepare in the home then surely it would charge much more than rupees 10. So it has been beneficial for the poor people across the city of Chandigarh.

Annapurna Akshayapatra Yojana Chandigarh


The scheme was implemented by the Mr. Badnore with certain objectives and these objectives are listed in the points given below:

  • As per scheme the government targeted the labor class to have better life and thereby they are benefited to a greater extend.
  • To have better aspect to the poor people of Chandigarh the government has decided to invest rupees 3 lakhs per month and this amount is dedicated for 30,000 packets that contain food.
  • If the scheme gets better benefits then the government has also decided to provide 1,000 packets every day and in future10000 packets would be distributed on a day.
  • It would also provide health and a hygienic food for the poor people across the city. Thus it is expected that the poor would avail the meals daily basis.

Performance regards to the scheme

Finally the project came into existence and it has been running successfully since three months. During this period the estimation cost for installation extended up to rupees 70 lakhs It includes the installation of the machinery that are used for cooking food. A kitchen was also set up to continue such process and therefore the kitchen was established in Karuna Sadan building which is located ‘in sector 11-8.c.

The government distributes the food through the special van that is specially allotted for distributing this food items. The vans reach to the selected locations and then it distributes the food to the people based on their identity cards. The day, on which the government is distributing such food, large number of poor people visits to this place and they collect the food. This has made the people to stay healthy and thereby they could have better performance in their work and that resulted in better development of the nation. It has largely benefited the poor people who have been struggling hard to have the food for themselves and with this particular scheme they have got the opportunity to avail the food at a less price.

About the food quality

The foods that are provided to the poor people of this particular area are good for health. The quality of the food is maintained so that the people get better health from this particular food items. The items are made with food that suits the diet and keeps an individual healthy. It has helped the people especially children and women to have better food and thereby people dying of starvation is minimised to a considerable number. Thus it has lead to the development of the state as well as the nation.


The use of such scheme has made the people to have better health. The health has also allowed the people to remain fit and fine throughout the day. With such diet they are getting better strength and thus they have the ability to fight against the diseases that are spreading because of improper diet. Thus people are getting into serious act with better health and that has lead to the betterment of the nation leading to the development of the nation as well as the betterment of mankind.

 Quick glace

Name of the scheme Annapurna Akshayapatra Yojana Chandigarh
Implemented by VP Badnore
City involved Chandigarh
Locations ·         At sector 26, Sabzi Mandi

·         Labor Chowk, Manimajra

·         Labor Chowk Dhanas

·         Labor Chowk Ram Darbar

·         Labor Colony Number 4

People benefited  Poor people of Chandigarh


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