Pradhan Mantri Matritva (Matru) Vandana Yojana (PMMVY)

Pradhan Mantri Matritva (Matru) Vandana Yojana Pregnancy Aid Scheme (PMMVY) 2018 Apply Online, Download Application Claim Form Process, Eligibility Criteria

Malnourishment is highest among poor pregnant women and new born babies. This is the main reason behind the high mother and child mortality. In a bid to do away with this menace forever, the central government had designed and implemented a financial assistance scheme for expecting and lactating mothers. The project was implemented in rural as well as urban areas. BPL and financially backward communities were targeted with this project. All transactions will be done in bank accounts to ensure speedy and error free benefit distribution.


Name of the scheme Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana or Pradhan Mantri Matritva Vandana Yojana
Launched in India
Launched by Narendra Modi, Prime Minister
Date of announcement 2016
Official launch date January 2017
Supervised by Ministry of Women and Child Development
Target beneficiaries Pregnant and nursing mothers
Authorized portal

Key features of the scheme

  1. Reducing women and child mortality – The central government desires to bring a significant reduction in the mother and child mortality. The percentage is more in rural areas. Thus, more stress is put on the development of ANM and Anganwadi.
  2. Financial assistance for women – This scheme offers Rs. 6000 to all eligible applicants. This financial assistance will help candidates to attain nutritious food and medical help as and when needed, without worrying about monetary constraints.
  3. Partial compensation – As the scheme is mainly for women who belong to financially weaker sections, the financial assistance will help them to cope with their expenses, during their advanced pregnancy months. It is not good for pregnant women to take physical and mental strains during these months.

Installment details 

It has been stated in the scheme draft that all applicants will attain the financial assistance in three parts. This will allow candidates to meet financial requirements at the right time.

  • Registered and eligible applicants will receive Rs. 1000 as a payment for first installment.
  • Rs. 2000 will be transferred in the bank account of eligible candidates for second and third installment respectively. Thus, a total of Rs. 5000 will be offered to all applicants who enroll under Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana.
  • Apart from mother and child health, the central government wants to create awareness among people of the lower strata about the importance of institutional child birth. For this, an additional Rs. 1000 will be offered under Janani Suraksha Yojana.

How to attain the application form?

A total of three registration forms are necessary for attaining the complete benefit of this scheme. These forms are easily available at the village and rural health care centers, run by the government. These can also be collected from Anganwadi centers in the area. These application forms are available free of cost. If one has access to the internet, then they can download the necessary forms from the site After this, the candidate can get printouts.

How to apply for the scheme?

For First Installment Registration:

All pregnant women, who want to get the financial assistance under Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana will have to collect Form 1A from the nearest Anganwadi or health care center. Once the registration form has been filled with necessary information, it has to be submitted in time. Collection and submission of the registration form, for first installment must be done in the same center.

For Second Installment Registration:

All those beneficiaries who have financial assistance as per first installment will have to collect Form 1B from the nearest Anganwadi or health care center. Candidates will have to fill in the necessary details, and attach important pregnancy examination reports with the form. Then they have to submit that at the health care or Anganwadi office.

For Third Installment Registration:

Applicants need to attain, fill and submit Form 1C to attain the benefits of the third installment. More pregnancy and ultra sound reports must be attached with the application form to confirm the heath of the unborn child in those advanced years. These papers will be scrutinized by medical professionals. Once this is complete, they will provide the green signal for the issuance of the third installment.

How to claim the funds as per installment?

For First Installment:

  1. All applicants, who desire to attain the financial assistance as per the first installment will have attain and fill in Form 1A.
  2. Candidates will have to fill and submit this form before the completion of 150 days, starting from the last menstrual onset.
  3. These forms will then be sent to the ANM office or to the medical supervisors without any delay.
  4. Once the verification is complete here, these papers will go to the block level health center or to the office of the SDPO.
  5. After verification of reports and application at this level, the higher health departments will be notified. This entire scrutiny process will end by 30 days.
  6. After this, the state health department will send the first installment amount into the savings bank account of the beneficiary.

For Second Installment:

  1. To get the second installment, applicants will have to collect Form 1B.
  2. Ultra sound and necessary blood reports, which highlight the health condition of the pregnant woman and her child, are necessary. These must be attached with Form 1B and submitted at the HCC/Anganwadi center.
  3. These will be sent to block level health care centers. Medical professionals will verify these records and send in a word about the genuinity of the claims to the state health department.
  4. Applicants can expect to attain the second installment of the financial assistance in their bank accounts after the completion of 30 days, starting from the date of the application submission.

For Third Installment:

Candidates need to collect Form 1C for getting financial assistance promised under the third installment. With this form, candidates must attach all prenatal test reports. These will be scrutinized at three levels. If everything is in order, then funds will be transferred in the bank account of the beneficiary.

Special conditions mentioned under the scheme

  1. Natural death of the child – Many new born babies do not survive for long due to health conditions. If the new born baby fails to survive for more than six months, then the woman can apply for and attain the financial assistance, as promised under the third installment.
  2. In case of miscarriage – Miscarriages are common among women for several reasons. If a beneficiary loses her child after getting funds as per first installment, she will be able to apply for second and third installment during an upcoming pregnancy.
  3. In case of still birth – If the woman gives birth to a dead child, then she will be offered financial assistance as per remaining installments only if she gives birth to a child in future.
  4. Birth of twins or triplets – All candidates who give birth to two children (twins) or three babies (triplets) at the same time, they will attain the benefits as mentioned under the scheme. In that case, she will not be able to attain any financial assistance during future conception.
  5. Birth in another city – It is possible for one pregnant woman to register in one area and give birth in another place. Such candidates will have to carry a copy of their husband’s Aadhar card. Along with this, they must have MCP cards. These two documents will come in handy during verification in selected health centers and Anganwadi offices. Once the verification is complete, the pregnant women will receive the same benefits in a new city as well.
  6. Furnishing wrong information – It is mandatory for all applicants to offer correct information about their pregnancy and the health of the new born baby. If the health care workers or the respective authority finds out that the beneficiary has offer wrong information to get their hands on the funds, then health department in that area will issue legal notice in the name of the candidate. The notice will ask them to refund the assistance amount. In case the candidates do not comply, then legal action will be taken against them.

Each year, thousands of children die soon after their birth due to diseases. Death of the mother, during child birth is another issue that the central government wanted to address. This scheme will not only reduce the two issues, but will also ensure that mothers and children will no longer have to suffer from malnutrition and lack of medical assistance due to financial constraints.



Central government monitored the implementation of this scheme in all states at a close range. In September, 2018, Himachal Pradesh occupied the first position for best implementation of PMMVY. Hansraj Sharma and Omkar Singh Thakur were present on the occasion to receive the award. Ministry of Women and Child Welfare also announced that 1st to 7th September will be recognized as Matru Vandana Week. The ceremony took place in Dehradun.

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