[Apply] MP Saral Bijli Bill [Subsidy] Yojana | [Apply] Mukhyamantri Bakaya Bijli Bill Maafi Yojana (Power Bill Waiver) MP

MP Saral Bijli Bill Subsidy Yojana Mukhyamantri Bakaya Bijli Bill Maafi Yojana in Madhya Pradesh 2020 [Application Form Process Eligibility Criteria Documents Certificate]

The Mukhyamantri Jan-Kalyan Yojana promises a lot of benefits for people who are not registered under any other state or central government scheme. Apart from medical, educational and income related benefits, it will also offer power at flat rates. For a certain section, the state will also waive off the due bills. It will be done under the Saral Bijli Bill and Waiver Schemes.

MP Saral Bijli Bill Yojana

Name of the scheme MP Saral Bijli Bill and Waiver Schemes
Launch date June, 2018
Launched in Madhya Pradesh
Announced by MP Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan
Starting date of implementation 13th June 
Date of applicability 1st July
Responsibility of supervision MP Department of Energy
Scheme announcements made by Narottam Mishra

Key features of the scheme

  1. Development of poor and labors – The main aim behind the implementation of this project is to offer electricity to poor people at low rates. When they do not have to worry about the payment of hefty bills, as long as their consumption is within bounds, they will be able to enjoy this comfort.
  2. Bill payable by beneficiaries – As per the scheme details, all selected applicants will only have to pay Rs. 200 each month. It will be the flat electricity rate. In case the amount does not cross the Rs 200 mark, the connection holder must pay the due. If the bill amount is more than Rs. 200, state authority will pay the difference as subsidy.
  3. Maximum subsidy amount – It has been mentioned that the state will pay as much as Rs. 1000 as a subsidy for selected applicants.
  4. Payment of due bills – It has also been mentioned that the state government will only pay the due bills and offer waiver till 30th June, 2018.
  5. Number of beneficiaries – An estimate from the state government shows that when implemented successfully, the state will offer the advantage of low bill rates to as many as 88 lakh people in the state.
  6. Electrical appliances allowed – Each beneficiary has too keep electricity consumption within a limit. They will be able to run a television, light bulbs and get one connection for fan in each house, under this electricity scheme.
  7. Distribution of subsidy – The subsidy will be split in 50:50 ratios between the state government and the power distribution company.

Eligibility criteria for application

  1. Residents of Madhya Pradesh only – This power consumption related bill has been designed and implemented by the state authority of Maharashtra. Thus, it goes without mentioning that only those families will be able to get the benefits, which are legal residents of this state.
  2. Registered labors only – The project has been implemented for poor families, where the main bread earner is associated with physical labor related profession. Thus, only labors that have proper labor registration cards will be able to get the perks of this scheme.
  3. Power consumption related criterion – In case the monthly power consumption of any home, belonging to a registered labor, exceeds 1000 watts mark, then that family will fail to receive the benefits under this scheme.
  4. Mukhya Mantri Jan Kalyan Yojana beneficiaries – All those applicants who already have registered under the Jan Kalyan Yojana will get direct access to electricity bill payment and waiver scheme.
  5. BPL candidates only – Only those candidates will be able to apply for the electricity bill payment and waiver schemes who belong to the below poverty level category. They must have the necessary certificate to prove their claims.
  6. Possess legitimate electricity bill – Only those applicants will be allowed to take part in this scheme that have proper registration and receive electricity bills. Electricity bill must be submitted for authenticating the registration process.
  7. Consumption limits – Only those households will be allowed to receive electricity at flat rate if the total electricity consumption is less than 500 W. The bill amount must not cross the limit of Rs. 1000 on a monthly basis.
  8. No AC or heater users – If the labor has installed any air conditioner in his hours or uses a heater, then that applicant will not be allowed to apply under this program.
  9. Household meter readings – If the home of any registered labor, who has applied under this unique scheme, has a proper meter, then its reading will be taken in consideration while calculating the standing amount that needs to be paid.
  10. Arrangement in rural areas – Special consideration will also be made for the people living in villages. All those houses, which do not have a legal power connection and meter, will have to pay power consumption fee as it has been highlighted under this project.

How to apply/register under the scheme?

  1. All applicants, interested in this scheme will be able to apply via offline process.
  2. But to get access to the application form, they need to log on to the link http://www.mpenergy.nic.in/sites/default/files/paripatra2.pdf.
  3. Once they get to this link, they will have to download all the pages.
  4. All details of the scheme are mentioned in the first four pages.
  5. The fifth page is the actual application form for this power subsidy scheme.
  6. Once applicants have downloaded the form, they need to fill in all fields highlighted here.
  7. It is important not to make any mistakes while filling the application form. Any wrong data will cause cancellation of the application.
  8. The applicant’s name, father’s mane, permanent address, contact details and several other personal identification details must be offered.
  9. Once this is complete, all necessary documents must be attached with the application form.
  10. Applicants must submit the application form to the respective state office, within the last date of application submission.
  11. After this, the scrutiny officers will check the applications and cross-check the details, and verify if they are correct or not.
  12. If everything is in order then applicants will be chosen accordingly.
  13. Chosen applicants will be notified by the respective department in due time.

Budget for the scheme

The Madhya Pradesh state government will have to shell out around Rs 5179 crore for meeting the financial requirements of Electricity Surcharge Bill. Apart from this, it will also have to spend around Rs. 1806 crore to offer subsidy as announced by the state CM.

Schemes like this not only make it easy for the poor people to attain power connection, but also help those who do not have the financial power to continue this connection. The subsidy and bill waiver schemes will help these candidates to get steady power connection, if they keep their power consumption within a certain level.

MP saral bijili (SBB) Certificate Download 

As per the details highlighted in the scheme draft, Madhya Pradesh government will forgive the outstanding electricity bill amounts of all those applicants, who have not yet paid their due bill. One can get all associated details from the official site of this scheme or simply click on the link http://www.mpenergy.nic.in/sites/default/files/paripatra2.pdf. Clicking on this like will offer you direct access to the digitized enrollment form. Every applicant needs to download this form. Apart from the form, applicants will have to download their acceptance certificates from this link as well. Once a candidate has the documents, he/she needs to fill these in will necessary details. These must be submitted to the nearest electricity office. Once all checks are complete, these applicants will receive the outstanding amount and the acceptance certificates.

MP Government Will Pay High Power Consumption Bills On Behalf of Residents

Madhya Pradesh government has implemented Mukhya Mantri Jan-Kalyan Yojana, with emphasis in rural areas. Offering free power connections is just one aspects of this project. The main benefit of this scheme is MP state authority will pay the pending electricity bill for applicants. Special attention will be given to those cases where the outstanding power bill amount is massive. For instance, Rani Valmik, Omprakash Prajapati, Ashok Vidyarthi, Babulal Prajapti and Laxmi Narayan Kushwaha from Datia will be brought under this scheme. MP government has announced that paying the power consumption of such applicants will put a significant stress on the state exchequer. As of now, Rs 112 crore has been allocated to pay for this scheme.

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