List of All Schemes By Kerala Government | List of All Services Catered By

List of all Schemes by Kerala Government and List of all Services catered by [Login Process] 

Keeping in line with the PM’s desire to implement and develop digitization in the entire nation, more and more state governments are launching official state government portals. Though state governments already had respective online representations, these sites were not very effective. But that scenario will change soon as state governments are putting stress on offering services to common people via online sites. In that bid, Kerala state government has revamped and relaunched its authorized site, with several new services for state residents.

Kerala Schemes List

Name of the portal Official Web Portal of Kerala
Launched by Kerala State government
Launch date July 2018
Designed by TCS
Monitored by Kerala Information Technology Department
Services available previously 40
Number of services added 18
Total number of online services 58

How to register on the portal?

  1. To enjoy the benefits of this new portal, residents of Kerala will have to register. The entire process will be take place online. For that one has to get to the authorized website by clicking on the link
  2. As soon as the home page appears, candidates must click on the link that is marked as “Sign in.” This link is located at the top right hand side of the home page.
  3. It will trigger the site to open a new page. Here, candidate has to type in the sign in ID and password to get access to actual service options.
  4. In the person is logging on to this site for the first time, then he/she needs to open an account. For this, he/she has to register on this portal.
  5. First timers have to click on the link marked as “Create Account” placed just below the “Sign in” button.
  6. As soon as one click on “Create Account” link, a new page will open up. Here, applicants will get access to the official registration form.
  7. Here, candidate has to type in his/her personal details like first name and last name. Then he/she has to type in a suitable user name, and highlight the password as well.
  8. The e-mail ID and the mobile number of the applicant must be highlighted as well.
  9. Then the person has to click in the box alongside the agreement statement.
  10. Then he/she needs to type in the capchat code correctly in the specified box.
  11. To complete the registration process and save the application form, applicants must click on the “Sign Up” button.
  12. From the next time, applicants can log on to the site directly with the user ID and password.

Details about services available

  1. Application or Registration
  2. Online registration for ration card for state citizens
  3. Online registration for color PVC voter card
  4. Online linking of voter card with Aadhar code
  5. Online application for NRI passport
  6. Registration for purchasing store
  7. Building Permit Application via portal
  8. Online farmer registration
  9. Society and Firms Registration via website


  1. Online Grievance Registration and Feedback
  2. Online complaint registration at Kerala CMO
  3. Online complaint registration with state electricity board
  4. Registration of grievance with Kerala Treasury Department
  5. Getting in touch with state Vigilance and Anti-corruption Bureau


  1. Checking Status Online
  2. Checking Kerala High Court advocate-wise status
  3. Checking status of case in Kerala High Court
  4. e-Office status checking
  5. Searching for production online on Kerala Virtual Trading Center site
  6. Checking status of credit taken from Kerala Directorate of Industries and Commerce
  7. Checking Sanchaya Online Services
  8. Searching for land details from authorized site of State Land Bank
  9. Online registration of Birth, marriage and Death certificates
  10. Generating online search for land value
  11. Online registration and status check for Social Security Pension Scheme


  1. Payment via authorized portal
  2. Online payment for Kerala Water Authority
  3. Online payment for BSNL connection
  4. Online payment for e-Treasury
  5. Online KSEB bill payment
  6. Online KWA bill payment


  1. Online booking services
  2. Sabarimala or VirtualQ booking
  3. KSRTC online ticket booking


  1. Employment related online services
  2. Online application for Employment Kerala
  3. Online application for Self-Employment Scheme for Destitute Women
  4. One time registration of PSC
  5. Online registration on job portals
  6. Kerala PSC virtual registration
  7. NATS online registration


  1. Online application for grants and schemes
  2. Virtual registration for e-grants
  3. Virtual registration for rubber grower’s subsidy
  4. Registration for PM Vidya Lakshmi Karyakram


  1. Online business services
  2. Authorization for tour operators online
  3. GEM and GST services via official site
  4. Authorization for Homestays in the state via portal
  5. e-Tenders application
  6. Checking application status for registration of any company name online


  1. Online Employee Services
  2. Sending e-mails to workers
  3. Online asset management
  4. Portal based revenue recovery
  5. Contacting Kerala Police portal for CAPA
  6. Contacting Kerala Police portal for IAPS

List of all Schemes by Kerala Government

1 Kerala Generics Scheme
2 Nava Kerala Mission
3 Vayomadhuram Scheme For Senior
4 Sarana Balyam Scheme
5 Kera Suraksha Insurance Scheme
6 Muttathe Mulla Loan Scheme
7 Pravasi Chitty Scheme
8 Kerala Education Loan Repayment Subsidy Scheme
9 Blind People’s Insurance Scheme in Kerala
10 Kerala Inter- Caste Marriage Scheme